Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Managing Conferences and Events

A successful conference and event is most important for a successful business. Today we can communicate with customer using different platform like facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and many other social media websites. We can communicate our views and business opinion in short of time through digital media.

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Today live events also known as a traditional tool to promote your business. Live event is a powerful and effective way to improve customer relationship, build loyalty, and strengthen your reputation in the market. A successful event depends on team of event management professionals. Event management professionals should have degree or diploma in event management from a reputed event management institute

Types of Events 

There are countless types of event organizing in India and across the country. This entire event depends on targeted audience and types of business. 

1.       Conferences
2.       Seminars
3.       Meetings
4.       Team building events
5.       Trade shows
6.       Business dinners
7.       Golf Events
8.       Press conference
9.       Networking Events
10.   Incentive Travel
11.   Opening Ceremonies
12.   Product Launches
13.   Theme Parties
14.   VIP Events
15.   Award Ceremonies
16.   Weeding Events
17.   Birthday Party Events
18.   Family Events

Different Step of Planning and Execution 

Planning is one of the most crucial tasks for every event planner. It takes time, effort, and good project management skills to plan and organize a successful event. Here we discuss some steps bellow to make a successful event. 

1       Identify Your Business Goals or Objectives

It is one of the most important steps in planning a successful event. Firstly you should consider all objective of your business. Which type of audience you want to targeted for your business. You should set your business goals. You know that event require a big investment of time, money and energy for making a successful business event.

2      Identify Your Targeted Market

After identify your business goals, you should make a guest list. You can also use event to promote your business to your targeted customer, existing supplier, and potential business partner that are important to your business.

3     Choose a Time and Venue

You should organize your business event on perfect time and location. Most of the person can attend your event. Event’s venue is most important to your guest perspective. Event location should be safe and well lit, with ample parking and good accessibility.

4     Plan Your Budget and Promotion

Budget is most important part of any successful event. First of all you should decide your budget of event. It can’t be increase according your budget estimate. You will achieve your business objective in affordable range of budget.

Promotion is another part of your successful event. You can’t imagine your event without promotion. You can use various social media website like LinkedIn, twitter, face book, YouTube and many other websites.

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