Wednesday, 9 September 2015

A Bright Future in Event Management

Event management industry offers a great career for students who are having a degree or diploma in event management. They can make their career in event management industry.  I would like to say that the corporate & event management industry predicated to see a 15.4 % growth in job opportunities in the next 5 years. This means that student can get more chances to getting job opportunities in event management industries. Event management professionals get average salary packages in career of beginning. They can get high salary packages after getting 2 to 3 years experience in related field.

event management institute

Opportunities are Available near You 

During the past few years several event management institutes are offering various event management courses related to industry. I would like to say that sports event management courses which are available in several sports event management institutes in Mumbai.  If you want to make a career in event management industry so you should get degree or diploma in any specialised courses.  Graduate and post graduate courses are also available in management institutes. 

There are available more job opportunities near you. Occasions and event are an important part of human life. wedding ,engagements , social gathering ,  birthday parties , seminars  and corporate event and many other event which we often celebrate at the personal and professional level. You can work as an event manger in a reputed company after having a MBA degree in event management. 

You can also work as a public relation executive in different advertisement and media houses as well as tourism sector. There are available many other position such as event coordinator , consultant , junior or senior event manager , Event legal Executive, Event (Budgeting & Finance ) Executive, Public Relation Officer ,  Event Production Head and Event Coordinator, etc. 

Monday, 24 August 2015

Wedding Planning as a Career in India

Wedding is one of most important prominent movement in the life. Every people want to make it an enjoyable movement.  Wedding planning is a difficult task for every person. Wedding includes various tasks like planning, budgeting, crockery and wedding place booking. There are organizing different cultural task which are depending on different cultural functions. Most of people can’t handle all wedding task with enjoyment. They want to enjoy our wedding part without any stress. Today wedding planning company are offering complete wedding organizing packages.  Event management companies’ offers high salary packages for event management professionals. 

Event Management Institute

 If you want to become a successful wedding planner so you should have an event management degree or diploma in event management. Firstly you should notice that this job is not for those people who want to work 9 to 6. This job is more time consuming job.  You have to manage your working time according your client working style. There are available many event management institutes which are offering event management courses

Wedding planning or event management is one of the best career options for the youth. You know that India is also known as a festival country. There are organizing various event like wedding, festival, birthday party, cultural event and corporate event in India. Event management professionals can make their career easily in India. They can earn more money after getting more experience. They can build up their own business after getting experience. National Academy of Event Management & Development offers quality event management education in different cities such as Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmadabad and Delhi.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Online Event Management Courses in Mumbai

Online Event Management Courses in Mumbai

Online learning is one of the best flexible study options that allow you to study at any time and any place but you should have an internet connection. Without internet connection you can’t connect to education portal.  You know that most of the universities or colleges offer complete education facilities like syllabus, application forum, online result, and more information about universities activities. Event management institutes are offering various short term and long term event management courses through online learning system in Mumbai. 

Online Event Management Courses

Online Event management Courses and Career Opportunities 

National Academy of Event Management & Development Institute is organizing degree or diploma in event management in India. NAEMD also offers online event management education courses for student who can’t go to school or colleges from any reason. There is available full time and part time diploma in event management. Student can get admission in any diploma for making a successful career. 

Online Event Management Courses 

·         MBA in Event Management 

·         BBA in Event Management

·         Diploma in Event Management

Career Opportunities in Event Management

An event management industry offers great career opportunities to event management professionals. They can make their career after completing event management courses. Naemd Institute established in four cities like Mumbai, Jaipur, Ahmadabad and Delhi. There are following potential career professions like …..

·         Event Manager 

·         Event sales coordinator 

·         Event Coordinator 

·         Exhibitions coordinator 

·         Event officer 

·         In-house meetings coordinator 

·         Conference coordinator 

·         Event Planner 

·         Meeting coordinator 

·         Venue Coordinator

Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Various Event Management Courses in Mumbai

Today most of the event management institutes offer various event management courses in Mumbai. Many people and student go to Mumbai for living their dreams. Mumbai also know as dreams of city. Student wants to get success in their career. Mumbai is one of the best cities for getting a success in your career. Event management industry is fastest growing industry in Mumbai. There are available many event management colleges which are offering various event management courses. Here we are discussing about various event management courses which are following …….

Event Management Courses

·         Fundamental of Event Management
·         Special Event Management
·         Event Marketing
·         Event Operations Management
·         Event Sponsorship & Fundraising
·         Strategic Event Management

1.       Fundamental of Event Management
Fundamental of event management is an undergraduate course. This course introduces key concept of event management. It explores the theoretical concept of event management. This course contains different article on international event management process and industry. This is the ultimate course for you. Here you can understand how to event work, why people and companies host event.

2.       Special Event Management
This course introduces theoretical information about different special event like business, sport, and cultural and life cycle event. This course is also available for undergraduate students. The aim of this course is to give student with necessary knowledge and skills to successfully manage different types of special event.

3.       Event Marketing
Marketing is one of most important tool to promote your business or product in the market. Event management industry is also use marketing strategic for promoting successful event. This course includes principles of event marketing and their application in real world setting. This course is also undergraduate course.  

4.       Event Operations Management
This course is also undergraduate course. This course introduces various operations issues which affect an event. This course explores such issues as logistics, risk management, crowd control and management, legal documentation and experience design.

5.       Event Sponsorship & Fundraising
This course explores sponsorship issues of event management and develops skills in fundraising, writing grants and placing bids.

6.       Strategic Event Management
This courses introduce knowledge of different strategic concept of event management such as leadership, visioning and strategic planning. This course is also undergraduate course.